Forty Years as a Successful Provider of Ball Chains Solutions 


The legacy of the innovated supply chain of top-tier products spans over 40 years in the making. Driven by our vision to supply a wholesome avant-garde fashion trend to our customers, our products are constantly commended and praised. From ball chains to key rings, we offer quality-based concepts and designs.

With ongoing demands from our loyal customers, we consistently make innovative custom designs tailored to your needs. In return, more loyal customers trust the leading Aussie Chains Direct as a supplier of outstanding ball chains, dog tags, connectors, key rings, etc. in Asia-Pacific.

Our products are now available across the globe. We ship them to countries in the European, African, and North and South American regions. What more could you ask for in a reputable business backed by four decades of withstanding the muddles in the fashion industry?

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 Our Quality Products Gallery Fusion

We proudly showcase the ingenuity of our products in our gallery. Here, we feature every item that we have, including some of its characteristics.

We understand that you might feel weary persistently navigating through websites. That’s why we are pleased to share our downloadable PDF gallery for your future needs.