Cutting Nipper

A pair of nippers with sharp jaws especially adapted for cutting. The cutters may be placed either parallel to the axis or at various angles with it. Also cutting-pliers.

  • Cutting Nipper  [154mm] - Hard Trimmer

    Cutting Nipper [154mm] - Hard Trimmer

    Most suitable to cut hard plastic.Blades part are processed by "Micro Mirror Blade", the leading edge of polishing technology developed by Fujiya, which achieve very keen blade and beautiful cut cross section.Coil spring is mounted enabling continuous...
  • Cutting Nipper  [125mm] - General Purpose

    Cutting Nipper [125mm] - General Purpose

    Light weight and high durability, and used popularly in various fields.Easy open and close because of spring which makes works comfortable.     Model:Fujiya 60S-125 Usage:SMALL to MEDIUM Ball Chains size 1.5mm#1 to 3...