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Split Rings

Among the most popular promotional items that we offer are Key Rings. They are also the most common of all types of souvenirs. They are used to gather your keys together and secure them, providing you with ease of access when reaching your keys into your bag. You will never have a hard time to locating your keys when you attach one of our durable Key Rings.

Key Rings can be attached to almost everything, from cars and gadgets to bottle openers and nail clippers. So, purchasing one from our products can be very handy. Check out our wholesale keyrings that comes in various types and sizes. They are also available in different colours, including Black Chrome, Silver Chrome, and Gold Faux.


If you are looking for an efficient way to organise your house keys and car keys, you can benefit from our Dual Round Split Keyrings. They are round rings that are made of top-quality stainless steel or Silver Chrome Brass. The product is simple but strong and durable enough to match with different kinds of drops and small projects. Purchase flat key rings in bulk at Aussie Chains Direct.

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