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Custom Assembly

Here at Aussie Chains Direct we are set up to fulfil custom precut and assembly to suit any customers specification. Whether you need 15cm pull chains for lighting fixtures or 1m pieces for promotional purposes, Aussie Chains Direct delivers. 

Authentic Ball Chain truly is the chain of unlimited uses — found in jewellery, keyrings, sample swatches, promotional material, shower curtain assemblies, pipeline gaskets, fishing tackle, musical instruments and sliding door locks. Our chain is versatile and tough — and looks great, too.

Whether you need prototypes or a high-volume production run, we have an extensive inventory of chain and years of experience to meet your requirements quickly. For versatility… for durability… for custom solutions, we’ve been the answer for nearly 25 years.

No minimum quantity.

How is Ball Chain made?

Ball chain is a type of chain made up with small hollow balls connected by small rods.


Each ball is made from rolling a flat piece of metal over the interconnecting rods. The above picture portrays two interconnecting balls on the left opened,showing how the rods are secured.

Advantages of Ball Chain

  • Smooth, chain that will not catch on clothing/skin
  • Kinkless
  • Easy to untangle
  • Each ball acts as a swivel


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