Everything You Need to Know    About Split Rings in Australia

Everything You Need to Know About Split Rings in Australia

24th Feb 2022

The world of jewellery is complicated, whether for personal aesthetic or business reasons. Jewellery pieces come with various features that you should be aware of before purchasing, such as size, use, cost, etc.

Also, most people believe that the price of the material determines its beauty; however, this is not always the case. What you pay does not directly correlate to the functionality and beauty that a material can provide. Another critical factor that affects a jewellery piece’s price is the materials used.

In other words, you should be aware of these things before you can make an informed purchase. Thorough research should be done to learn these, such as reading related articles. And this careful understanding of the jewellery piece is similar to the factual take on a split ring.

That is why Aussie Chains Direct has compiled everything you need to know about split rings in Australia to save you time. So, if you want to learn more, keep reading.

Definition: Split Ring or Keyring

A split ring or keyring is commonly described as two hardened wires bound together in a two-complete helix rotation, forming two loops. To put it simply, it is a metal helix with both ends exposed and unwelded. Alloys, such as stainless steel, copper, bronze, and gold, are used to create this material.

At Aussie Chains Direct, we use aluminium, stainless steel, and zinc alloy to personalise our keyrings, especially for promotional purposes. With such a diverse range of base materials available, we guarantee that we can make an excellent and viable choice for your requirements.

The Process: Split Ring Connector

Now that you understand what a split ring is, it may only take a few minutes to figure out how it works. Below, we have simplified the steps for using split rings as a connector to make it easier for you to understand:

  1. Gently bend the wire ring to open the coil using a split ring tool.
  2. Then start inserting additional rings or charms you want to have in your jewellery piece.
  3. Once inserted, create a spiral or helix attachment until it reaches the split ring's centre.
  4. Allow it to dangle freely.

Shapes and Sizes: Split Ring Variation


The split rings' shapes differ from one another. Below are the most common forms:

  • Circular
  • Flat
  • Oval
  • Rectangular

While round split rings are the most common, flat-shaped split rings with flat faces are stronger and more challenging to slit open.

And in addition to the standard split ring shapes, Aussie Chains Direct offers high-quality customised split ring shapes tailored to perfection.


The diametre of a split ring, whether internal or external, determines its shape. The majority of the sizes range in few millimetres wide. To get the right size for you, make sure to know the correct measurement of the wire. Take note that as the diameter of a split ring increases, so does the wire size. That is needed to avoid deformation.

In relation, one of our split rings at Aussie Chain measures 12 mm on its outside diametre yet still provides the needed support and security to the weight of the amount it carries.

Benefits: Split Ring Advantages

There are numerous reasons why you should use a split ring, and here are two of them:

Organises Important Things 

The main application of split rings is to group items, making them easier to find.

Its continued popularity has demonstrated its outstanding capabilities throughout Australia in various applications, such as holding essential keys together, attaching swivel snap hooks, and attaching tags.

A split ring is highly needed because people usually forget things. The average person misplaces keys up to nine times per day. And while this is common, a practical solution, such as a split ring in Australia, can secure them together in places where you can see or clutch them in your bag.

Provides Jewelry Security

Split rings provide complete security for your jewellery because their spiralled wire designs go around twice, resembling a miniature keychain and preventing them from being easily pulled apart.

Comparison: Split Ring vs. Jump Ring

In contrast to a split ring's double-coiled design, the ends of the rings are encased in a single circular shape. When it comes to preventing scratches on your clothes or skin, this shape of the jump ring is superior. However, while reducing snag, it is not recommended for securely holding objects, as split rings are.

That is to say, split rings provide more safety and stronghold, whereas jump rings provide less exposure to skin or clothing abrasion.

Trust Australia's Number One Split Ring Source!

Aussie Chains Direct is a company that is proudly owned and operated in Australia. We have been trusted by loyal customers all over Europe, Africa, North and South America, and elsewhere for over 41 years of delivering an innovative concept and design of split rings, ball chains, etc.

So, if you're ready to take on the world of fashion and business with affordable and convenient split rings or keyrings in Australia, give us a call on  03 9008 6525 or email us at info@aussiechainsdirect.com.au.