The Urban Chic Fashion Style with Ball Chain Necklaces

The Urban Chic Fashion Style with Ball Chain Necklaces

12th Jan 2022

Fashion trends come and go. What is stylish now may no longer be acceptable to the masses tomorrow. For instance, people may love those ‘90s-inspired clothes or cabin core looks today. The next day, the trend shifts to all-black clothes. Either way, all this is natural. It’s a part of the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Vreerand is right when she said, "Fashion is part of the daily air, and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes."

And part of that progressive alter is the revelation of multiple trends. One of them is the famous look of ball chain necklaces in an urban-chic style.

All About Urban-Chic Style with Ball Chain Necklaces

Nowadays, urban-chic style paired with ball chain necklace stands out more. With its casual elegance, it surely explores any woman’s sense of style. Gone are the days people adorn themselves with fancy jewellery just to be called elegant.

There’s only one rule to remember for urban-chic styles: not too causal and not too sophisticated. Its sophistication comes with unconventional stylishness. A style that requires minimal embellishments, yet, it catches the attention of everyone.

This ‘chic look’ is given reality by the flexibility of ball chain necklaces.

It is delightful that ball chains have become a new style of fashion because history is the other way around. Before, the ball and chain are primarily a physical restraint device for the prisoners of the British Empire. Quite chilling, right?

Well, it just proves ball chain necklaces are the epitome of the avant-garde fashion trend. You can wear this jewellery piece in a variety of looks. To give you an idea of the combinations, let’s traverse and go gaga with the new level of urban chic styles with a ball chain necklace:

Ball Chain Necklace on a Casual Jeans with Loose Elegant Blouse

This is an effortless urban chic style that radiates simplicity and elegance. A certain joy for every woman: to feel feminine while being comfortable. When you wear this, you can silently overpower the people saying you never get the look of comfortableness. Because with just a pair of your stilettos, your look is a catch.

How much more if you wear your beaded chain necklace? It certainly elevates your overall. You can turn heads at any place like your workplace, shopping mall, coffee shop, and restaurants with your look.

Ball Chain Necklace on a Casual Shorts and Clothes with Elegant Jacket

It all takes a fashionable jacket or blazer and a gold ball necklace to conquer the imaginary runway outside. Normally, people think these are incompatible objects. However, Prada’s Spring 2022 believes the other way.

Shorts with distinguished blazers is normalised at the event. Our drift from traditional fashionable clothing creates a new era for individualistic creativity. This gives a medium for us to showcase what we want without being tangled in one fashion possibility.

For women, you can rock this look with blunt bangs, messy buns, and a wavy braid hairstyle.

Ball Chain Necklace on a Dress or Skirt with Classic Sneakers

This is trending for most women. And one of its top reasons is the painfulness of towering high heels. It’s hard to walk with a smile while feeling the pain on your feet, right? That’s why skirts with sneakers are invented.

These can range in different combinations, from ecological trends to ethnic styles. It can also be a floral maxi length skirts with matching white sneakers and a discerning ball chain pendant to improve the overall look. You can never go wrong with your style statement if you wear it with pendants.

To give you an insight into this fashion, here are some of its perfect pairs:

  • City Chic
  • Causal Style
  • Sports Style
  • Romantic Style
  • Ethnic Style
  • Ecological Style
  • New Business Style
  • Marine Style
  • Jeans Boom

Ball Chain Necklace on a Ruffled Bra-Top with Paisley Print Joggers

For a hot summer fashion walk, this style surely radiates the cool vibes. Embellished with various lengths of layered ball chain necklaces, your entire look will give a classy and sexy vogue.

For some people, showing skin is an expression of flirting. They defined women as “easy” for showing some bare body skin. This outrageous conventional opinion paves the way for women to walk the streets with style. Not for anyone, but for themselves alone.

Thanks for the birth of fashion. It becomes a way for women to reject body criticisms. Making their fashions the tool of empowerment.

You can rule your world with the right flame of ball chain necklaces in an urban-chic style!

We no longer need to be overdressed to communicate confidence, but just with simple clothes and jewellery, you can empower your spirit.

As specified by Gianni Versace, "Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." Fashion reflects our personality. Whether we prefer skinny trousers or a pair of cocktail earrings, we make our unique style.

With ball chains, it gives you the magic to be beautifully confident without being over expensive and not being too harsh on yourself. The last thing you want is to continuously adjust your uncomfortable dress during a date night.

We can say that a ball chain necklace defies the notion that pain is beauty.

From delicate to rough necklace chains, the choice on what makes you feel comfortable. Your confidence is ushered from this. So, trying this will surely be an ideal fashion for you.

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