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Demo: Swing Tag Copper

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Swing Tag Ball Chains 1.5mm From size 5cm to 20cm length

Swing Tag Ball Chains 2.4mm From size 5cm to 30cm length

Swing Tag Ball Chains 3.2mm From size 12cm


Stainless Steel 316L Grade

Copper colour

Need Custom Precuts & Assembly:
Here at Aussie Chains Direct we are set up to fulfil custom precut and assembly to suit any customer specification.
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Suitable for:
Clothing Label Bead Chain Swing Tags, Ball Chain Sample Swatches, Key Chains, Key Ring Attachments, Dog Tag Chain, Designer Tag Holder, Identification Tags, Promotional Ball Chains, Copper Ball Chain Swing Tag, Silver Ball Chain, Stainless Steel Ball Chain, Metal Bead Chain, Ball Chain for Fabric Swatch, Carpet Sample Swatch Ball Chain, Advertising Items, Neck Chains, ID Chain, Safety Tag, Retaining Chain, Pull Chains, Retaining Chain for Pens and Caps, Plumbing Basin Plug Stoppers, Display Retention Chain, Ball Chain Curtain / Shimmer Screen / Ball Chain Divider.